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  • Want to contact your family or friends but have no credit? Send an sms from this site to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  • In a foreign country and need to let your someone know you’re ok? Send a text from this website to them know you’re safe.
  • Need to arrange to meet someone but you’re phone is broken? Why not send an sms to arrange when and where to meet?

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    With we make the process easy for you at only, the service is free to send... The service is ideal for people traveling abroad who need to send a text message to a friend or relative in their home country or if you are out of credit and need to send texts online quickly and easily.

    If you find yourself needing to contact a friend or family member, but your mobile phone isn't working properly, how do you keep them informed?

    No need to panic, simply send a text message online from your PC to your contact's phone and keep them updated without any hassle or expense to you.

    The ability to send an SMS Text message can be incredibly helpful in many situations. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

  • Late for an important meeting but your phone battery has died? Send them a message from your computer letting them know you’re not going to make it and when you could perhaps re-schedule for.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen; let the people who contact you most often know by leaving them a text message.
  • Missed the train home and need to let people know you’ll be late? Send them a quick text over the internet to let them know.
  • Got no credit but need to send a quick text to your mate? Send them a text online which will go to their SMS inbox letting them know you have a message for them.

  • The wonderful thing about is that you can send messages internationally as well. It really is so easy and effective to send sms text messages from your PC. TRY IT NOW!

    The service is FREE TO SEND SMS messages only and costs just £3/SMS if you want to receive a message. Users must be over 16 years. No Charges unless you agree by texting GET to 82055. This is NOT a subscription service.

    Fair Use Policy: We restrict users of this website to sending one message every 1 minute 30 seconds.